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Miss L Fire Loves... Melanie Lichtenschopf

Art is life.

Art is something that to some maybe isn’t seen as a necessity but rather a luxury.

But I wholeheartedly disagree.

Art is for everyone; everyone has an artist inside them.

We gave Vienna based artist Melanie Lichtenschopf @melanie.lichta few pairs of our shoes, we loved her photos so much that we wanted to find out more about her art, her style and life.


Melanie, your art is self-described as abstract, what inspires you?

I get my inspiration from everywhere. Sometimes on walks in nature or in everyday life when I see certain colors and shapes. Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to be open to it.


I’ve never been to Vienna, what’s the art scene like in there? Also, if I were to visit, what would be your top three ‘must do’ things?

Vienna is a wonderful city and there is art everywhere. From the old historical buildings to the colorful culture.

My three top must-do things:

•The Art History Museum - one of the most beautiful buildings in Vienna in a young artsy

District where there is a lot to see.

• The „Naschmarkt“ - A market with lots of good food, spices and regional products from Austria. And every Saturday there is a large flea market where there is a lot to discover.

• Schönbrunn Palace - A castle in which the Empress Sissi used to live and on whose ground there is a large park and zoo. There you can walk all day, find good food and discover a lot of historical things.


What advice would you give your younger self in relation to creativity?

Be brave. Pursue your creativity and believe in yourself.


What role does an artist have in society today? Do you think this has changed due to the pandemic?

I think that many people have rediscovered their creativity in the time of the pandemic. In the stress of everyday life, you often don't have the time and muse for it and it makes me very happy that a lot of positive things have emerged in a bad situation.


I find that when I’m feeling down, being creative really helps to lift me back up. What are your thoughts on creativity and mental health?

Absolutely! Creativity can heal and help you to hear inside yourself. For me, painting is very relaxing and helps me to recharge my batteries.

Many more people should be a little creative as a balance to everyday life and who knows what can develop from it.


Tell us about your favorite place in the world 

I don't have a favorite place. I love being in nature and discovering new places. The perfect place for me is a large meadow, just the sound of nature, the wind and the sunset.


Finally, if you could only choose one Miss L Fire shoe, which one would you pick and why?

My favorite shoe is the „Miro Scarlet Red and Lilac“

I love the color combination and he is so comfortable. 

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