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Miss L Fire loves @Underthecloth

We’ve been wanting to collaborate with Jannine from @Underthecloth for a while. We are so thrilled to finally share this post about this very inspirational woman. We've asked her a few questions about her photography, her influences and styling tips, and her platform to support independent and slow fashion brands.


We have discovered your engaging and dreamy presence on Instagram via one of our favorite London explorers Kayt @citythrifter. You have taken us on photographic journeys, you showed us wonderful nature through your lens and taken us places we needed to experience at times where exploring the outside world could be unsettling.

We felt comfort as you showed us the peaceful, calm side of Nature, observing its slow pace but its active and alive energy.

What made you start taking these photos in lockdown?

Before lockdown, I was taking photos of people and clothes and when I couldn't photograph anyone, I started taking my camera on the dogwalk. It became a kind of mediation and I decided to train my eye to see and photograph nature - it took a while to understand how to 'see it' and then I couldn't believe that I had never looked at it before. Seriously, I didn't know any plant names and I didn't know which plants grew in which season. A complete urbanite! I challenged myself (and still do) to see and photograph something new daily.

I also decided I'd document it for interest so I could see how the seasons change and it's been totally surprising; I realized that I loved autumn and that there is color in winter and that trees are totally incredible.



Do you think our eye has become more observant and respectful of our surroundings in the last year?

Absolutely yes. I think a lot of people started looking at their surroundings with a new perspective especially nature. When your world is restricted and you can only move within certain parameters, your eye will not be distracted by the usual busyness. We've all been either walking in nature more or tending to our gardens. The birds have been singing more loudly and we have all leant to appreciate our own back yards because we slowed right down.




We find also great inspiration in your styling. The idea of reusing and reliving our personal wardrobe and be more appreciative of our belongings is something that we could all aim to get better at. However this can take time and imagination. Do you have any tips in putting this into practice?

I'm glad you find it inspiring! My number one tip is to play. Take the time to mess around with what's in your wardrobe. Even if you have a small amount of clothes you can still make endless combinations. If I have a spare half hour I like to play with my clothes! I find that the best outfits come together by throwing things on and off, I pull clothes out, make a mess and make mistakes; not everything works, but you won't know until you try and sometimes you try things and they look unexpectedly incredible. I take photos of these 'play' sessions and store them in an album on my phone so I can refer back to them. 

I'd also say keep to a small color palette, I keep my tonally harmonious and keep to a few colors. It just means everything pretty much works with everything.

What is the biggest influence in your styling?

The power of osmosis - without a doubt. I'm a visual sponge, I am always looking and absorbing what is happening in movies, clothes and art and architecture. I find nature has also influenced my taste. I will now embrace and wear a botanical print! I also look at which silhouette which feels right for the moment and style accordingly.




 For someone like us who love to shop independent and vintage, would you like telling us more Assembly Market and how you came up with this project?

A few years back I had a slow fashion brand and needed a platform to sell it; I got in touch with a few other slow fashion brands and created a market. I gave up the brand to concentrate more on photography and my styling, but the market has continued to grow year on year. I curate fashion & home events for sustainable designer brands and also vintage brands. I see a lot of value in creating high quality events for small independent businesses; markets are often stepping stones to bricks and mortar shops for established brands and new brands need markets to build connections with customers. It's a wonderful thing to do and it's a wonderful community.



Jannine lives in London with her family, follow her on @underthecloth and make sure to visit Assembly Market on 19th of June at the The Factory in Dalston Factory