MLF Journal

The Miss L Fire Frida Boots: A Conversation Piece

You ever walk into someone’s house and find yourself staring at their furniture, the clothes hanging up in their wardrobe or a piece of art above the mantelpiece?

 If this is the case, then you’ll realize you get almost the same feeling when you walk down the street and spot someone with jaw-droppingly unique style. So different and striking that they really do stand out from the crowd and you just can’t help yourself from gazing at them. That’s pretty much the effect of Miss L Fire’s Frida boots.


One of the many features which make our Frida’s so special is the concave curve and outward taper at the bottom of the heel. Originating from France in the 17th century, heels were an indicator of opulence and wealth for both women AND men. As a result they soon became an indicator of a person’s political standing, where King Louie XIV would only allow those he respected in the court to wear coloured heels!


It was then afterwards during the reign of Louis XV, chic and feminine heels for women were curved outwards to maintain balance, strength and sturdiness. The French favored a delicate interpretation of this style, while the English preferred heels that were heavier in construction and aesthetically masculine.

This equilibrium of nimble structure and robust composition was brought back and re-introduced as a “new style” in the 1860s. Despite the fact it was nicknamed the "Louis heel," after the King, it was an evolution through the years and the new heel featured the universally recognized and beloved dramatic curve.


Taking all of this into consideration, our CEO Lynsey sketched out a boot with an artist and icon in mind - Frida Kahlo. Up until 2004, her clothing and personal style was more or less something of a mystery apart from her self portraits – there was nothing physical of hers clothing-wise, until the release of the exhibition at the V&A of her belongings. Frida is now a cult figure who is now immortalized in her legacy of extraordinary life events, intrinsic political relationships and inimitable artistic achievements. Below is an original sketch from Lynsey which is the bare bones of what we have today, lovingly produced in Portugal:


Sad but true, it’s Frida’s final year with us and we’ve decided to move forward and evolve this style even further. As much as we’ve loved having her around, we’re going to allow some space for some newcomers and take our concept to the next level. Like our brand new Alexa boots for instance!


Frida is a vintage-inspired boot that was successful from the get-go. Arriving in AW17, we sold out of the Bronze and Black almost immediately and we had to reorder them again and again. Due to high demand, we decided to expand the range. We brought Frida back in several new colors – Red, Off White, and just now this season in a stunning Teal Metallic and Ginger Suede! More new colors are due later in the season so watch this space!

Much like Frida Kahlo’s self portraits, personal style too is indeed a mirror to the outside world – so choose that Frida that is you and reflects you.


But don’t worry, we’ve made sure we have plenty of stock in-house for now so there is some time to spare. However this will be her last and final season in production at Miss L Fire and once she’s gone, she’s gone for good. So if you ever had your eye on our one-of-a kind boots, now would be the time to get your Frida’s - as this is her final curtain call. Make Frida a conversation piece in your home as soon she’ll be a collector’s item.


Miss L Fire x