MLF Journal

Tis the (unexpected) Season for Self-Care



With everything currently going on in the world, now is the best time to take a step back and focus on something we can control: living well at home. I find that spending too much time in my flat can make me restless and I can only watch so many “Friends” reruns. When staying in for long periods of time we tend to nest and get cozy, however our team pulled together a few ideas to stay awake, active, healthy and in the long run, more productive.


Making the most of our precious time in the morning is the key to starting off on the right foot. Tempting as it may be, hitting the snooze button over and over again can leave you fighting for “just 10 more minutes” without any solid extra rest. Instead, resist the urge to snooze by hopping out of bed (easier said than done) and start stretching out. I don’t like to be too ambitious and expect myself to complete an entire yoga workout, but if you’re anything like me in the morning before breakfast I would suggest following along to “Yoga with Kassandra” on YouTube. She uploads quick 10 minute videos that are specific to morning routines focused on stimulating and energizing you before the day. And if you are feeling up for it or if you can, a brisk walk in a local park is another way to get your blood pumping. While walking, take a moment to reflect on your goals for the day, your breathing, and clear your head of any negative thoughts. Brief meditation can be practiced anywhere, and apps like “Headspace” and “Calm” are two resources that can help with stress or anxiety through breathing and even music. 



Meal prepping also poses benefits for us while spending a lot of time at home. Personally I enjoy figuring out what I can make with what I already have, and glossing over healthy recipes that can be sealed up and enjoyed later. For instance, during this winter season when it’s storming and I need something to thaw me out I always turn to soups and stews. Of course nothing beats what mum used to make for us, but there are always alternatives and if I can cook up a healthier version of beef stew, I totally will. “Makeover recipes” are healthier versions of our favorite meals and I have saved some of my favorites from They have recipes from fish and chips to a lighter sesame chicken dish. I am in no way a chef, but exploring the world of cooking and taking a little extra time in the kitchen for yourself is cathartic and takes my mind off any stressful feelings (especially when I’m having a Spice Girls moment on Spotify). 



Now if cooking isn't in your foreseeable future then my final self-care recommendation would be some good old-fashioned pampering. We’ve all had a lazy Sunday morning that started with a bubble bath, so why not treat ourselves to that kind of relaxation while working remotely. Running a hot bath with zesty citrus oils, salts, or even a fresh smelling bath bomb promotes muscle relaxation and the steam from the water opens our pores and lets our skin breathe.


Self-care is different for everyone. Sometimes it’s as simple as saying remembering to take your vitamins or using that luxurious hair mask you’ve been saving.

Self-care to me means giving myself more time to do my normal routines with more ease, slowing down, and going a little easier on my body. Even if you’re a natural homebody or not, being in one place for a long time can have its drawbacks. But, at Miss L Fire we are ready to help you focus more on yourself, staying fresh, and recharging in your own space. 


 What self care tips do you have? Podcasts? Recipes, playlists?

We would love to hear how you are looking after yourself in the current climate.


Lots of love,


The Miss L Fire Team