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You may have seen the posts; 'Dolphins and Swans returning to a crystal clear Venice canal for the first time in years'!  Cities such as 'Los Angeles and Beijing reporting the cleanest air for decades'!.

So is there a positive environmental silver lining to this seemingly endless period of anxiety-ridden social distancing? 

Well, yes and no. 

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This week we want to reignite your passion and curiosity for cooking and baking, with many of our favorite recipes.
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It’s incredible sometimes when I think how staying home and social-distancing have turned into a ‘new normal’. Yet the basics of our lives, like having food on our table, for example, are still the same, because there are people out there making this possible. They haven’t stopped serving a purpose while others like me are comfortably at home.
Let’s not forget about the vital role of all nurses, doctors, hospital staff, pharmacists, social workers, postmen, maintenance workers, janitorial staff, grocery stores and supermarket employees, government workers, warehouse workers, bus drivers, cab drivers, security staff, policing.
Our ‘new normal’ is totally fine because of YOU.
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With everything currently going on in the world, now is the best time to take a step back and focus on something we can control: living well at home.
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Valentine’s day, to us, comes with an obligatory roll of the eyes.

May we suggest instead, Galentines Day!
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You ever walk into someone’s house and find yourself staring at their furniture, the clothes hanging up in their wardrobe or a piece of art above the mantelpiece?

That’s pretty much the effect of Miss L Fire’s Frida boots.

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