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L is for Lovers: Edition #1 Mary Fellowes

L is for Lovers:
Edition #1 Mary Fellowes
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L is for Lovers
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Starting today, our L is for Lovers project has officially begun.


Lovers of life, lovers of art, lovers of the unusual.

The project will run across all our socials and will reflect and project our sentiments expressed in our mission statement and our message as a brand. We will be interviewing people who we find creatively inspiring and captivating, whatever their chosen field.

Pictured: Mary Fellowes

In this edition of our series of journals, we will be interviewing inspirational individuals from across the globe who speak to us on a holistic spiritual and creative level. Our first edition is dedicated to Mary Fellowes, a renowned British art director, and celebrity stylist. With an admirable work ethic and an unparalleled history of experience in the fashion and art world, we decided to reach out to her for a quick interview and received some wonderful nuances and much-welcomed feedback on our creations.


As quoted from her official website :

"With a unique skill set that combines styling, features and copywriting, art directingbrand strategy and celebrity dressing, she has worked for 11 international editions of Vogue, including launching one, had edited her own style section for The Economist’s Intelligent Life. She has also styled runway shows in London and Tokyo and advertising campaigns for household name brands."  

We can't wait for you to read our interview below!


1: How did you start off your career and what advice would you give to anyone looking to become a celebrity stylist?


I first worked at cult vintage store Rellik, then assisted fashion icon Isabella Blow, studied at St Martins, and took literally every other internship available. I also made sure I was reading every magazine and visiting every shop and market, gallery, museum - anything cultural or arts-related - to keep myself as informed as possible. (I still keep this practice up today where possible!). I then went to intern at British Vogue where they offered me a full-time position while I was still interning.


2: You’ve had your finger on the pulse of UK fashion and it’s community for the past 20 years! do you ever have moments of weakness when you doubt yourself? How do you take strength and resolve to stay fully empowered in your field?


Yes, I think for anyone in a creative field, questioning ( as opposed to doubting) yourself is normal.  It is what makes us constantly want to learn more and evolve and improve.   Anyone who has blind faith without the ability to be objective and self-analytical is likely headed for trouble!

A lot of feedback and inspiration comes from the women I dress.  This is what is wonderful about celebrity styling - you aren’t working on models as a blank canvas for your ideas in a vacuum, but working with a real human being with their own taste and vision, so the work becomes a dialogue and collaboration which is very enriching.


3: In terms of styling where are you taking the most creative inspiration from at the moment?


The recent haute couture shows were incredible.  Chanel was so modern and restrained, Valentino was mind blowing. And I am very curious to see the continuing evolution at Schiaparelli.


4: Which destinations that you have visited recently have inspired you the most?

Greece - I was a guest of the new First Lady, Mareva Grabowski, as I was consulting on her fashion line Zeus and Dione.  Also, I visited Marfa in Texas for Easter which blew my mind - the desert itself opens your mind in ways I have never experienced, and the sartorial style the locals/resident artists have is really poetic and captivating.


5: In terms of evolution here at Miss L Fire we are always looking to the future whilst balancing a deep rootedness and affinity to the past. As you describe your styling as a mix of “high and low fashion as well as a lot of vintage collecting” is there any specific era/mood you find yourself drawn towards recently?


I am constantly looking to the past, as that's how we define our present and future, so it's not a recent thing.   I have always loved the timelessness of clean, geometric, sharp 60’s silhouettes from Pierre Cardin and Courreges, and the long languid lines of when the 1970’s designers actually referenced the 1930’s, such as Ossie Clarke. I am also a sucker for anything Katherine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich did with 1940’s menswear styles.


6: How do you balance your busy schedule and admirable work ethic with your daily life? What is your secret to staying calm, driven and focused?


I follow very strict regimes that I learned at a luxury wellness retreat in India called Vana.  The Dalai Llama’s right hand was in residence and taught me so much - meditation and Buddhist teachings that give you amazing perspective.  Also thanks to Vana, I adhere religiously to Ayurvedic principles which includes nutrition and all sorts of other lifestyle habits.


7: In terms of personal style what is your current go-to outfit and accessory?

Suiting by Petar Petrov or Nanushka for meetings and fittings, and for all my vacation time, I’ll be living in kaftans and swimwear by Zeus and Dione, the Greek brand I mentioned before.


8: With regards to our shoes, which style do you feel from our collections best represents you?

For city and cooler temperatures, I love the patent ankle boots as they combine a vixen fierceness with just enough punk and goth attitude. For summer, I will be sporting the raffia style you kindly sent me - I love the artisan and natural fiber feel.


9: For many including ourselves, it can be a boost to have a solid support system behind us while we’re at home and on the move, who and what else keeps the show on the road?

 I have an amazing team of assistants, both in London and other assistants I call on in NYC and LA.  My agent also takes a lot of strain off me by managing schedules and liaising with clients so I can focus on being creative and productive.  I have an amazing housekeeper who keeps my wardrobe organised, and then the rest is down to me to stay disciplined!


Thank you Mary, we hope to hear from you again soon! <3

Miss L Fire