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Miss L Fire - And The Women Behind Her

Miss L Fire
And The Women Behind Her
Many people think our creativity and inspiration flows swift and sure in one direction. But we can tell you that it doesn’t.
It’s more like a maelstrom in a tropical storm. 
In a small, female-run business like ours it’s very common that sometimes, people’s opinions get lost and there can be frustration that voices aren’t heard.
 Despite this, every woman at Miss L Fire has something unconventional to contribute to the mix. So everything that you see and hear from us is a culmination of all our distinctive, personal ideas and talents. The result is the magic you see now, and what is still yet to come!
To give you an individual, never before seen insight into the heart of Miss L Fire, we decided to properly introduce our team to you.
For the New Year, our resolution was to share with you how inspired we feel about our family, and how you and the rest of the L Fire community, continue to show us much valued support in championing our brand. In doing so, we can continue to hold our own as an entirely female-run artisan company. We hope to bring so much happiness and delight to our customers and this is precisely what keeps us going. Without your continued support, we couldn’t design our magical shoes. So again, we’d like to say a very warm and wholehearted THANK YOU!
 So without further ado, may we present the women behind Miss L Fire.
My Name: Lynsey Hand
My role at L-Fire: CEO/ Creative Director
Where I am from: Derbyshire, England
Where I live: Between London & Los Angeles
My Sanctuary: The Peak District in Derbyshire & The Huntington Gardens in LA.
My Mantra: “Throw roses into the abyss and say: ‘here is my thanks to the monster who didn’t succeed in swallowing me alive” – Friedrich Nietzsche
My Role Model: Hedy Lamarr. Hollywood actress from the 30’s & 40’s who invented the principles of Bluetooth & wifi technology in her spare time.
 My Favorite L Fire Shoe: It changes all the time! I love the “Streamlined” from our A/W ’12 Collection, but my current favorites are the “Jane” boots in mustard. Super comfy and they go with absolutely everything. 
My Name: Dami
My role at L-Fire: Sales and Marketing
Where I am from: Milan, Italy
Where I live: London
My Sanctuary: a deserted beach, very predictable for a Mediterranean!
My Mantra: Creativity takes courage. Henry Matisse –
My Role Model: My Milanese fashion icon, amazing multi-tasker,
but most of all the person who taught me to put love and commitment in everything I do and care about: My mamma.
My Favorite L Fire Shoe: Every season there is a favourite…it’s a difficult one! I’m going all nostalgic now but I think it was my first ever pair of L-Fire: the Tisket . This shoe represents what Miss L Fire incorporates: design, femininity and craftsmanship!
My role at L-Fire: US Business Manager
Where I am from: Norwalk, CA / Los Angeles, CA
Where I live: Whittier, CA
My Sanctuary: My home! Nothing feels cozier than being in my home, watching some good TV with my husband & lighting my favorite candles. Nothing better!
My Mantra: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
My Role Model: My mother, she moved here from her small family ranch in Mexico when she was only 15 years old all by herself and build a life in one of the hardest cities in the US- Los Angeles! Raised 5 children, became a US citizen many years ago and I couldn’t be prouder of her! Proud to be a 1stgeneration Mexican American.
My Favorite L Fire Shoe: Ooohhh that’s tough! I would have to say the Selina in black, I even have a backup pair. It will likely change though once the new SS19 collection comes out as I have my eyes on a very special new style, you just wait and see!
My Name: Pauline Clifford
My role at L-Fire: Boutique assistant & Visual Merchandiser
Where I am from: A little village near Glasgow, Scotland
Where I live: Burbank, CA
My Sanctuary: At home with my hubby and wee Chihuahua Gwen!
My Mantra: Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly!
My Role Model: Am I allowed two? Haha! I love Elizabeth Taylor for classic Hollywood beauty & style. Also, my Dad since he’s achieved so much in his life and he’s the reason I love vintage and antiques!
My Favorite L Fire Shoe: Oh this is hard, it changes regularly but at the moment it would be Margot in black, such a classic style that I wear all the time!
My Name: Ashleigh
My role at L-Fire: E-commerce Manager
Where I am from: Manchester, England
Where I live: London
My Sanctuary: Anywhere warm & sunny enough to drink cocktails and wear sandals.
My Mantra: “No romance without finance” - Gwen Guthrie
My Role Model: I don’t have one. But I do really like Erykah Badu and Naomi Campbell.
My Favorite L Fire Shoe: I’ve got my eye on Maya in green...

So this is who we are.
Wishing you all a happy new year- we think this is definitely going to be one to remember.
We can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for the coming seasons!
Miss L Fire