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Miss L Fire SS19 Editorial: Beach Bohemian

Beach Bohemian
SS19 edit | Issue No. 3
 You feel like the city is losing all its lustre.
 The zephyr swarms fast under your feet.
 The breeze takes you one way, now the other
 Life’s easier when you’re a beach bohemian.
For our third issue of SS19 we moved on from suburbia, past the city and ended up in a usually bustling district of the LA coastline, but on this day we were lucky enough to find ourselves virtually alone. On the threshold between Venice Beach and Santa Monica, the roads were empty and the atmosphere was otherwise serene.
We knew we were close to the water as the sea salt permeated the air. Before we knew it we had the sand between our toes.
Passers-by watched us in our bright, oversized clothes as we walked barefoot across the boardwalk, our hands filled with shoes of all hues. Our hair began to curl in the intense humidity and it was the first time in a long time that we felt free. We could still feel the hum of the city still reverberating from the mainland to the water, although in our minds we no longer felt like we were a part of the cosmopolitan hive.
When lightning strikes sand, the heat transforms it into a new mineral called “fulgurite”. The word comes from the latin word “fulgur” which translates as “lightning”.  It has the form of a hollow lustrous tube, in the figure of a lightning bolt, and is often allegorized as the “lightning stone” or “fossilized lightning”. There is a myth that some people believe, that fulgurites are little pockets of energy which can help you enhance your creativity.
In a way, this is exactly how Miss L Fire works. When the skies are grey and things don’t go to plan, it can feel as if we are surrounded by immovable objects and things are set in stone. But then in a split second when we least expect it, everything comes together. When lightning strikes at just the right moment, when all the stars are aligned, that’s when we can draw on our own self – replenishing resource. We make our own creativity stones and we draw from them. As long as we keep moving forward, that’s when the real magic can happen.