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The perfect pair - a guide to choosing the correct size L FIRE's.

Written by Lynsey Hand


Posted on August 20 2018

The two questions our Customer Service ladies are most routinely asked are,   'what size should I buy?' and 'how do I care for my shoes?'. 

Since our beautiful new FW18 collection has just launched, it seems the perfect time to write about both.  In part one below, is a detailed guide on how to size your own feet from the comfort of your own home. Part two (shoe care advice) will follow next week - stay tuned!

Perfect Fitting Shoes 

Finding shoes which fit perfectly can often seem akin to the quest for the Holy Grail.

The reason for this is, much like our fingerprints, our feet are unique to each of us. You could line up 10 people who say they are the same shoe size and find that none of them have exactly the same measurements.

It's also extremely common to have a left and a right foot which also measure differently (one lady I once measured, for example, had a right foot which was size 37, and a left foot which was a size 39)! Add to this the fact that, on the whole, each shoe factory makes shoes in a slightly different way to the next.

Add to this the myriad of different online opinions in how to cover US sizes into European sizes, and we understand that this makes size selection a bit of a lottery!

However, at L FIRE we DO make ALL of our shoes to a standard set of internationally recognised measurements. When we say a style is 'true to size', we mean that our factory has made the style to our standard measurements.

Below is the chart which we follow for each of the sizes we make. Please note that all measurements on our chart are in millimetres. If you follow our guide below on how to measure your feet, you should be able to determine the perfect L FIRE size for you. 


 To determine your FOOT LENGTH stand on a piece of paper and draw around your foot.

Take the measurement from the heel, to the end of the longest toe. On our model, the length measurement of her foot is 24cm, or 240mm.

Next, measure the WIDTH of your foot by wrapping a flexible tape measure around your foot at the widest point (this is usually around the ball/ joint of your big toe).

Our model's width measurement is 22.5cm, or 225mm.

Following our sizing guide, our model is closest to a size 37 in LENGTH. However, her width measurement is between a size 38 & size 39! So what size would she be??

Although she is a size 37 in length, she would need to size up from a size 37 to compensate for the larger width size. Ideally, she would be a 37.5....but I would recommend that she takes a size 38, especially in closed-toe / closed back shoes. In sandals, (open toe, open back), a size 37 may be the better option, especially if it is a mule/slide style. 

In fact, our model nearly always buys a size 38, and adds a half-insole inside her shoes if they feel a little loose to give her the perfect fit. 

I hope you have found our shoe fitting guide useful. If you would like further advice on which size to buy in the style you love, please contact us at :-

Lynsey xoxo






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