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The Staycation Edit.

Trust us, we know.

You've had to cancel your vacation, because, you know, Covid, but what you need more than anything right now, after months of the same four walls, is a vacation, a change of scenery, a breath of fresh air. 

But you can't fly anywhere, and even a road trip could be a little iffy, since who knows what's open and when, and is it safe anyway? 

So how do we take quality time off, without really going anywhere, and not have it feel like a wasted week? 

We have some suggestions on how you can party on, at buckle up, set doors to manual, slip on your comfy (Miss L Fire) shoes, and enjoy! 

  •  Plan next year's vacation. 

An obvious one, but a good one. Whether it's reorganising where you should have been going this year or starting from scratch with somewhere new, exploring exciting possible travel destinations online can instantly lift your spirits and give you something to look forward to (and save up for). 

Go one step further and have a go at making the food of the place you're planning on visiting. There are many (free) online cookery courses to try; if you're thinking of Japan, try an online sushi making course. 

If it's Italy, try pasta making, order in some Italian wines, and do your own wine tasting - even better if friends can join you on this with their own wine picks via video chat. Cheers!



Check out the links below for some of our favourite online cooking classes.

 Free online cookery classes from Borough Market, London.

Online Pasta Making classes with Nonna. 

Online cookery demos from Celebrity Chefs.

Set up a cocktail night over video chat with friends, mix cocktails and set up a buffet dinner in your kitchen.

Try the link here for 'around the world' cocktail ideas.

Learn the language of the country you are planning to visit (or at least give it a go!) A great website for this is Babbel

Make a bucket list of things you want to explore on your next adventure - here are some great websites to get your ideas flowing!
  •  Bring the outside, inside.

Remember drive-in movies? No, me neither....but Danny & Sandy at the drive-in was one of my favourite scenes in Grease (back-flipping sausage anyone)?

Well, if you're fortunate enough to have a back yard, may I suggest creating your own back-yard movie theatre  - however, you can do it indoors, get the blankets and popcorn out and do it from your sofa (or sofa den if you’re feeling inspired)

Watching TV or a movie indoors or outside on a projector is an exciting experience.  If you're on a lawn chair, you will likely need a blanket when the temperature drops as it gets dark, and you may well get eaten alive by bugs, but like camping in your back yard, versus sleeping in your own bed, there's something childlike and wonderful about the whole thing. 

There are many, many projector gadgets available - we bought one called a 'Nebula', on which you can either download movies or TV shows and watch on playback or watch 'real-time'  via Wifi. The Nebula comes with a large 'screen' (basically a thick white sheet), which you beam the picture on to. Sound and picture quality is surprisingly good. Grab yourself some popcorn and a citronella candle and enjoy! 

If you are stuck for something to watch on your fancy new projector, take a look at this. Virtual. Train. Rides. I cannot stress enough how awesome this is! Addictive without any side effects. 

Amazing Virtual Train Rides.  

If train rides aren't racy enough for you (why?), how about a virtual tour of the Las Vegas Neon museum? 

The museum has a free app(which you can download either onto a smartphone or computer) where you can access a variety of content including virtual tours and highlights from the recent Tim Burton exhibition

  •  Get a culture fix / learn a new skill. 

 If there is an 'up' side to 2020, it's that many many museums, national parks, theatre's and art galleries can now be visited virtually.  Many are free of charge, some require tickets ...but what better way to support your favorite arts venues than to continue to visit them - albeit virtually. 

There are also free online courses springing up; anything from indoor roller skating to photography courses. 

Here's some of our favourites;

Virtual Tour of Hawaii's Volcanoes - Free. 

New York Metropolitan Opera - Nightly online shows. 

Happiness Class from Yale University - Free

Nikon online photography courses.

Virtual tour of Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, UK. Free.  

  •   And if you're having problems relaxing...

  Dolly Parton will read you a bedtime story. Yes, you read that right.

  Dolly. Parton. 

 And if Dolly isn't for you (what's wrong with you?), there are many other celebrity storyteller options just a Google click away - one more suggestion from me below. 

Let Tom Hardy read you a bedtime story. 


Whatever your staycation choices are, slip into your favourite L fire shoes and enjoy the "new normal" vacation ideas with us.

We hope that you get some inspiration from our suggestions, and from our homes to yours, we wish you a very happy, safe Staycation.  

XOXO, Lynsey. 

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